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Sri Maatrbhutam hrdi chintaye

Raagam: Kannada

Taalam: Misra Chapu

Composer: Sri Mudduswamy Dikshita

This kriti is on Lord Matrubhuteswara(Shiva) also called Taayumaanavar of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu. The deity gets the name because he came in disguise of a mother to help a woman with her child birth (reference occurs in the song's charanam). The phrase ‘nata Suka sanakaM naLa kAma’ has the Raga Mudra (as KannaLa) hidden in it (La and Da are interchangeable in Samskrtam), the meaning being ' the lord whose beauty wins the great Nala and Kaama'


I'm dedicating this recital to all Mothers-to-be and Mothers in the world.

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