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|| Srih ||

I am excited to roll out the second edition of our school newsletter 

and am thrilled to see our contributions arrived!


Our 15th year annual day turned out to be a milestone and I will 

cherish fond memories of it. It will never cease to put a chuckle on 

my face whenever I think about it. Enormous efforts have been 

painstakingly made to ensure that this year's Annual Day was 

most memorable! Collectively, parents and students formed a 

cohesive team to deliver a great performance!


Firstly, student teams were asked to choose a name for their cohort. They came 

up with very creative names : Tarangini, Sajjanatmaka, Thodi, Carnaughty, Shadja, 

Prarambha Gayaka and Varnam.

Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 9.56.34 PM.png

The different tasks assigned were --

  • They had to perform one song which they have learnt in the class as a team

  • They had to come up with a presentation of any topic on Carnatic Music

  • An art display on Carnatic Music

  • A research presentation on Trifold

  • And fun stalls relating to Music which was the only optional category


Each team beautifully rendered the chosen song that they had practiced for months. I could see the confidence that had grown over those weeks. Though some teams were novices, they exuded so much of confidence! Loved every performance!


Students presented Vande meenakshi, English nottuswaras, Saarasanetra, Mate Malayadhvaja, Pagavari bodhana, Innum en manam, Mallari, Sri vighnarajam and  Kalinganartana tillana.


 I was excited to see their presentation which was supposed to be a surprise for me and no surprise, I was spell bound! The student families’ worked on their own to come up with their themes. The Krishna-karnaamritam was a treat in which kids enacted the life of Sri Krishna in Vridanvana. The Ramayana, through the comic book was recreation of important scenes from the epic accompanied with relevant carnatic songs describing the picture episode. The youngest team created a bingo game out of Melakarta ragas! Another young team of kids played ‘Guess the composition’ game by giving hints in the form of pictures and raga phrases, the audience had fun guessing these compositions! A senior team presented the kutcheri format through a talk show.


Then came a play on how ragas are used in a day from dawn to dusk. This was presented with nice, lively dialogues and with very talented acting – even now, these performances remain fresh in my mind ! There was a Kofee with Carnatic composers and a talk show on Carnatic Music by senior kids discussing topics that required in-depth understanding.

Next came the research presentations. Students skillfully expressed their research points and conclusions on trifolds with illustrations to support their views. 


Some of the themes beautifully presented on trifolds were :


  • Compositions and their interpretations


  • The story of Ramayana portrayed through an enlarged comic book and some interactive music. 


  • Nature and Music


  • Pursuing Music- continuing Karnatic along with academic education


  • 9 emotions-  ragas, kritis and swaras that emote


  • How the instrument Violin works


  • Origin of swaras from animals


Next was destination art table! Oh my the audiences were truly indulged! It was mind blowing to see how each group came up with the ideas!


Drawings of instruments and composers, models of instruments made out of paper, cardboards and clay -- instrument puzzles, pop up cards on swaras, an amazingly detailed display of how Sangeetam and Indian food are connected under the display name Sangeeta bhojanam, bordered the auditorium!

Innovation did not stop there! Students came up with . 


Mehendi stall -- some most beautiful designs that I have ever seen!


Origami stall -- birds, stars, lolly pops, boxes, shells, animals- what not!! Amazing!


Slime stall -- young kids had a blast with shiny, sparkly slime.


Balloon stall -- This was the greatest hit! You need to pick a balloon and guess the Melakarta raga by looking at the swarasthana written on them. They inflated the balloon to reveal the raga name with a UV pen!! How creative!


Jalataranga stall -- Water bowls create ragas!! Wah!!


Bracelet stalls -- Make your own bracelet with the variety of beads they provide!


Jenga and crossword stall -- Have you played Carnatic Music Jenga ever before! 


Last but certainly not the least, we were blessed with the august presence of our Chief guests Smt. Bhuvana Iyer and Mr. Iyer, Smt. Suguna Varadachari and Sri. S. Anantha


I don’t have words to describe the happiness that I feel constantly about my wonderful kids and their families. It was undoubtedly one of the most memorable days of my life. Dear student families, my heart swells with gratitude for your unwavering efforts which are truly reflective of your commitment to the art, our heritage and culture. I conclude this with a hope that you(students), realize your true potential and reach where you are worthy of being.


So long! It won’t be long till you will hear back from me again :-)



Sandhya Anand


Samskrtasangitam School of Music

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