Navaratri kritis series - 2020


An Introduction to the Navaratri kritis series - 2020

Day 1 - Mārakoti sundari

Ragam : Bahudari

Talam : Adi

Composer : Sri G N Balasubramaniam


Bahudari is one of my favorite ragas. Sri GNB, who is an extraordinarily brilliant musician has composed this kriti, beautifully incorporating all the melodic phrases of this raga. I wanted to sing this as the first composition for day 1 of Navaratri 2020.


Here is a quiz for the viewers. Please give answers in your comments. Whoever gets all answers correct for all 9 videos, has a surprise in the last video of the series🙂


Answers for all 9 days quiz will be revealed on Vijayadashami day 25th Oct. Looking forward to your participation!

  1. Bahudari is a Janya of the Melaraga?

  2. Bahudari has Kakali nishada.. T or F?

  3. Name a Tygaraja swami composition in the same raga.

  4. There is the name of another raga hiding in this kriti, can you find it?

  5. Goddess Parvati is worshipped by whom? [The kriti has a clue]

  6. What are the new ragas created by the composer Sri GNB?

  7. Which singer from the female trinity is the composer’s disciple?

  8. What is the favorite part in this composition? [This is not part of the quiz, just to know what you like :-)]

Day 2 - Pāhi mām Śrī vāgīshwari

Veena: Smt Manjula Ramachandran

Rāgam : Kalyāni

Tālam : ādi

Composer : Sri Swāti Tirunāl

Day 2-Here is a quiz for the viewers.


  1. What set/group does this krit belong to?

  2. Approx. how many compositions by the composer are available today?

  3. Why is Kalyani called a Major raga in Carnatic music?

  4. What deity is the song composed on? And what does the composer ask for?

  5. What is the Suddha madhyama counterpart of Kalyani in the melakarta system and the mela number of the new raga?

  6. Name two ragas with kalyani suffix in their names.

  7. Equivalent of Raga Kalyani in Hindustani Music and Western music.

  8. How is Swati Tirunal different from other composers.