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Trust you and your family are doing well. Hope we can enjoy a COVID free summer this year. 


I wish to update you all about the upcoming Virtual summer camp. The camp will be held only virtually and is suitable for learners (Vocalists as well as Instrumentalists) at all musical levels.


Two weeks of Carnatic music camp will be held where I will be teaching a set of chosen compositions, aspects and finer points about Tala and Laya, techniques in swara kalpana, theory, manodharma alapana and other related topics.


July 12-16 - Carnatic Music camp 1 - 2.5 hrs/day (learning 5 kritis by 5 different composers- will make sure all the five are new to you! )


July 19- 23 - Carnatic Music camp 2 - 2.5 hrs/day (building vocabulary with swaras, different ways of doing manodharma swaras, lessons to strengthen tala, simple alapana for some common ragas, analyzing styles of great singers, technical terms in Carnatic music etc) 


Please know that the campers will learn many lessons (usually covered in 3-5 months regular class time) within this short period of time. I will be sending recordings and notes for the lessons taught. 


Giving you two choices 10am- 12 :30pm EST (or) 2:30pm- 5pm EST.


I expect all aspiring students to join these camps and benefit from the lessons taught there, which will provide a solid foundation and valuable insights into the nuances of this divine art form.


Please contact me with the name of the camp you are attending and the time choice ASAP.


Looking forward to your participation and having a fun filled interactive session with you all!

For detailed information on regular class and summer camp schedule read more...

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