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Gati bheda Tillana in Raga Chandrakauns


Gati bheda Tillana

Ragam : Chandrakauns

Tala : Adi (Tisra and Chaturasra gati)


Composer : Padmabhushan Sri T. V. Gopalakrishnan

Performed by
Sandhya Anand
Manjula Ramachandran Veena
Kuzhalmannam G. Ramakrishnan Mridangam



I am super excited to present this beautiful Tillana composed by my dear Guru Sangeeta Kalanidhi Sri T V Gopalakrishnan. It's such a marvelous composition which pleasantly haunts me whenever I listen. It took me and Manjula Ramachandran many sessions to learn, practice, coordinate and record this composition. Unlike other regular tillanas, it's a Gati bheda tillana; the pallavi and anupallavi are in Tisra nadai and Charanam is in Chaturasra nadai. It again goes back to Tisram after Charana sahityam. Heart felt thanks to Sri Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan, a resident of Palakkad, Kerala for recording mridangam audio and video.  It's not easy to coordinate rhythm virtually especially for a complicated tala. It was a new learning experience to combine works of different artists. We all totally enjoyed every part of this! Hope you will enjoy too.

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